Structure that serves as living quarters for one or more persons or families.
See also curtilage
A legislative assembly, or (where the bicameral system obtains) one of the two branches of the legislature; as the "house of lords" or "house of representatives".
Also a quorum of a legislative body.
The name "house" is also given to some collections of persons other than legislative bodies, to some public institutions, and (colloquially) to commercial firms or joint-stock companies (e.g. publishing or securities businesses).
@ ancient house
In old English law, one which has stood long enough to acquire an easement of support against the adjoining land or building.
@ bawdy house
A brothel; a house maintained for purposes of prostitution.
@ duplex house
A double house.
+ duplex house
A dwelling which has accommodations for two families, without regard to whether such accommodations are identical or not. The units may be either adjacent to each other or on separate floors.
@ dwelling house
@ house-bate
In old English law, a species of estovers, belonging to a tenant for life or years, consisting in the right to take from the woods of the lessor or owner such timber as may be necessary for making repairs upon the house.
@ house-burning
See arson
@ house-duty
In England, a tax on inhabited houses imposed by 14 & 15 Viet., c. 36, in lieu of window-duty, which was abolished
@ House of Commons
One of the constituent houses of the British parliament, composed of representatives of the counties, cities, and boroughs. The lower house, so called because the commons of the realm, that is, the knights, citizens, and burgesses returned to parliament, representing the whole body of the commons, sit there. Its jurisdiction is limited to bills of attainder and pains and penalties, and breach of privileges of the House and its members.
See also House of Lords
@ house of correction
A reformatory. A place for the confinement of juvenile offenders, or those who have committed crimes of lesser magnitude
@ House of Delegates
The official title of the lower branch of the legislative assembly of several of the states, e.g., Maryland and Virginia
@ house of ill fame
A bawdy house; house of prostitution; a brothel; a dwelling allowed by its chief occupant to be used as a resort of persons desiring unlawful sexual intercourse. People v. Lee, 307 Mich. 743, 12 N.W.2d 418, 421.
@ House of Lords
The upper chamber of the British parliament. It comprises the lords spiritual and the lords temporal, and a certain number of Scottish peers. The House of Lords is also the court of final appeal in most civil cases and has jurisdiction over impeachment.
See Privy Council; also House of Commons
@ house of refuge
A prison for juvenile delinquents. A house of correction or reformatory
@ house of worship
A building or place set apart for and devoted to the holding of religious services or exercises or public worship; a church or chapel or place similarly used.
@ mansion house
@ public house
An inn or tavern; a house for the entertainment of the public, or for the entertainment of all who come lawfully and pay regularly. A place of public resort, particularly for purposes of drinking or gaming. In a more general sense, any house made public by the occupation carried on in it and the implied invitation to the public to enter, such as inns, taverns, drinking saloons, gambling houses, and perhaps also shops and stores. This term is now generally obsolete.
@ tippling house
A place where intoxicating liquors are sold to be drunk on the premises, and where men resort for drinking purposes

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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